Board of Directors

Board Of Directors


Paras Waheed Soomro


A Deeply Passionate and highly intellectual personality that is the heart and soul of fast oil. She spends most of her time helping create the success in our work by making sure we produce fast, efficient and trustworthy products that will help the people of Pakistan navigate their journey with ease and comfort. She is also a firm believer in investing deeply in company culture to build an organization that lasts. She strives to create a high performing working environment that redefines what a fast growth startup looks like.


Abdul Waheed Soomro


A well-known business tycoon in Pakistan who has a vast variety of experience in the petroleum, agricultural & automobile industry. He possesses the technical, analytical & organizational skills set needed to run a business smoothly. His leadership skills & motivational behavior makes him the perfect candidate for setting up roadmaps for peers & his fellow staff. He is the Backbone of Fast oil. He is Excellent at converting ideas and opportunities into high level products and then marketing them to perfection.