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Fast Oil (Private) Limited is new entered in the Oil Marketing sector duly licensed by the Oil and Gas regularity Authorities (OGRA). Fast Oil (Private) Ltd is the company set up for petroleum products in Pakistan. The sponsors and supports of Fast Oil (Private) Limited are local Pakistani entrepreneurs with massive business experience in oil industries. Our company’s plan is to do business across the country to take part in the developing sectors of the petroleum industry in Pakistan. Fast Oil (Private) Limited considers it most appropriate to invest and develop the business activities by establishing petroleum stations and to take part in the growing down-stream segment of the petroleum products. We are working to create storage at different strategic IFEM locations to provide an adequate supply of petroleum products. We are quite confident to render our services to the full satisfaction of the Government of Pakistan and public in general through developing essential structure and establishing petroleum stations throughout the country to facilitate in meeting the ever-increasing supplies of petroleum products.

Fast Oil (Private) Limited was founded on August 05, 2016 & the company is divided into three main operating divisions: Sales, Logistic & Finance along with support divisions Human Resources & Marketing.